ONE IS THE THRONE, TWO ARE THE KINGS – That of The Stone MG’s, is a locomotion aroused by the dualism developed around masterminds S.J. Warman and Rodney James.

As in a titanic clash, they are on the opposite sides of the fence: one thunders ancestral and ferocious respect for history, while the other pleads respect and care for the performance.

How is it possible that two poor devils, both so viscerally skilled in bringing out all their artistic stubbornness, sleep in the same bed?

The answer is all in the blazing fire and in the virtuosity that vibrates in their 3-track EP titled ‘Good Times’.
Three pieces that are dense, captivating, as woeful as exalting, The Stone MG’s duality is something that comes and comes again like a refrain, in every trickle of this incredible EP.

From the escapism and addiction probed in ‘I Need You’, to the betrayal and desperation in which ‘Detroit’ plunges, this two and two mirroring is shapeshifted with ‘Shotgun Mick’.

Here, even if the focus moves to a punk archetype, a dangerous, reckless, self-destructive narcissist, The Stone MG’s prompt us to love and hate that poor straggler.

Sharks, monstrous masks, stars that turn into bugs, deep passion, and much more, The Stone MG’s official video for ‘I Need You’ is an unmissable visual, which exalts in a masterly way the creative flair of this duo capable of giving chills.

All three tracks of ‘Good Times’ are accompanied by a series of videos. Check them all on The Stone MG’s YouTube channel.

Unmissable track, with a thrilling sax solo, ‘I Need You’ is the single taken from The Stone MG’s EP, ‘Good Times’.

There are “only” three songs, but when you get to the end of ‘Good Times’, you feel like you have listened to a full-length album, overwhelming you with a powerful and raw tide of suggestions.

And this is how the two poles Warman and James transform their sum into a multiplication that grows, swells, and become exponentiation.

Now, if we go back to that hell’s kitchen we started from, we can see how they cooked a grand plateau worthy of the best chefs. They skinned, shredded, stirred, and stuffed into a gargantuan shaker, roots of hard and classic rock.

Synthesized from a strain that has defined a part of music’s history, the final result is a fist full of grains, primeval essence, which still has so much to offer.

‘Good Times’ is a game of subtle balance, between damnation and salvation, perdition and virtue, which goes so far as to make you ponder what really is good or bad.

It is an intense, heart-pounding race, tense as an overstretched rubber band hanging over a sharp razor’s edge.

But after all, how boring would be life without music like that of The Stone MG’s?

Becoming addicted to music like this it’s worth the risk. History teaches it. The Stone MG’s sing it. And we just have to listen.

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Listen now to ‘Good Times’, the thrilling 3-track EP from The Stone MG’s, available for streaming on all major digital platforms.

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