A throbbing shivering torch bedecked by Javier Orduña's distorted bass and Elías Gameros' intense vocals

the latest from The Shelter is a number that certainly leaves more than a scar

Bringing in influences that can go from bands such as Led Zeppelin, Ramones, T-Rex, Nine Inch Nails, Queens Of The Stone Age, or Iron Maiden, they deliver a captivating sharp sound, distinguished by a cutting edge stylistic cue.

And, with plans to continue releasing a single every month throughout 2020 and to start touring after the lockdown will definitively over, this duo promises to be one of the most prominent rock bands of Latin American and beyond.

It could not be otherwise for two artists who look like they know where they’re going, backed by a legacy that has seen them work with well-known names of the scene, such as Arturo Vega (artistic director of the Ramones), and have performed in many venues, from Ciudad de México (Imperial, Caradura, Foro Galera and Bar Oriente), to New York City (Bowery Electric, Hecho en DUMBO, and Bar 9).

Extolling that rock burst that defines their roots, the latest from The Shelter is a song about agoraphobia and anxiety. A pressing piece, which grows on the thrust of an organic and flowing acceleration, ‘Roads of México’ goes to exalt in a compelling way that anguished dense of imprisonment proper of the lockdown.

Here, unleashing a trembling and growing sense of rebellion, we can find a warm and charming call for a return to freedom, meaningful juxtaposition to the raw and shadowy agony of the song’s theme, significantly conveyed by the lyrics.

Out on August 7th, ‘Roads of México’ is available in streaming on Spotify, and it’s accompanied by the official video. Shoot in black and white, on a lake close to Mexico City, this a very pulpy visual.

Find and watch it on
The Shelter’s YouTube channel

You will not regret it.

A great number with which The Shelter effortlessly displays the granularity, broadness, and flexibility of a thick and dense sound, coupled with a remarkable stylistic caliber.

Certainly, an act that makes us say: rock is not dead yet. And with The Shelter, it’s ready to come back to life, with a new, vibrant, and hitting livery. 

Listen now to ‘Roads of México’, and find out more about The Shelter and their music, by check the link below:

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