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The throbbing and shivering rock duo from Mexico City is releasing a string of great singles – one every month, from April until the end of this year – and it’s something that bodes for a fireworks finale.

Sporting a groovy and gritty delivery, that of The Shelter is a sound with a compelling amplitude, excited by the distorted bass riffs of Javier Orduña and the intense vocals of Elías Gameros.

We had the pleasure to discover their sharp and cutting-edge stylistic cue thanks to their previous release “Road of México,” a biting single we covered a few months ago. In case you missed our piece, you can find it here: The Shelter // Road of México

Fresh on the music scene, the duo formed in January of this year, but Javier and Elías are anything but rookies. They have previously worked with Arturo Vega (Artistic director for the Ramones) and performed in various local venues in Mexico City, from Imperial, to Caradura, from Foro Galera to Bar 9 in New York City.

People like Arturo Vega (Ramones) or Danny Fields (The Stooges, Ramones) have considered their music to be on the right path of new rock ‘n roll, and this seems to be an opinion significantly shared by the listeners as well.

Their first single, “Black Phillip,” was released on April 24, 2020, and has amassed over 67.000 streams on Spotify, followed by “this is Not Even Something” and “Road of México,” which has surpassed over 80,000 plays on the green icon platform.

Within their biting pamphlet, another track that stands out is certainly “Misconception.”

The release of “Misconception” is accompanied by an official video. As for their other visuals, the video is shot in black and white, giving a perfect subtlety to the pulp aesthetic searched by the band.

Find and watch it on
The Shelter’s YouTube channel

Here the sound paste that The Shelter brings to the table is truly compelling. Dense and dirty at the right point, colorful, tasty, and cooked to perfection.

“Misconception” offers a formidable mix of eclecticism, fresh and renewing, and fidelity, staying true to those influences that have made rock a great chapter in the music of yesterday and today.

The apparent basicity of the mix brings out all the key elements of the production. The punch given by the snare drum scans and marks the evolution of the piece like an incessant metronome. The electrical distortion on Orduña’s strings is a latent electrostatic charge, residing in his bones, running through the neck of his bass, and spreading like a lustful offering you can’t resist. The cherry on the cake is given by the frustration conveyed by Gameros’ vocals.

Misconception is still on the rise, towering among the band’s most popular release with over 150,000 streams on Spotify, and we don’t think we’re blasphemous saying that if Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, or Ramones were looking for an inspiration for a renewal cue, they should take a look at what’s going on under the belt of The Shelter.

Delivering a throbbing and shivering string of great singles, The Shelters have garnered all of our attention, being something that bodes for a fireworks finale.

Listen now to "Misconceptions," the Single by The Shelter, available to stream on Spotify.

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