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The Scope Project is a duo from Bedford, England, composed by talented artists Matt Jarman and Rob Collins. And it is in their formation that we find the first peculiarity, which emerges in all its importance right from the start of this album.

Nova Music blog had the honor and the pleasure of listening as a preview to this album, the result of two years of work by The Scope Project, which caught our attention right from the cover art, and which, with no small amount of expectation, we reviewed here for you.

In fact, Matt and Rob duet practically in all the tracks on the album. And they do it with masterful care and attention to detail. In their singing there is mastery of the technique. There is an impeccable sensitivity in balancing the relationship between the lead and the background vocal, a role that the they constantly switch around. There is a shared awareness between the two regarding what result they want to accomplish, to the point that it seems to be the product of a single mind.

There is a magical chemistry between Matt and Rob, which makes their duet sound like a single voice, splendidly rich in nuances that continually change, not only according to the song, but also to the phrasing. A vocal marriage consciously shaped, made unique and distinguishable. The artistic signature of The Scope Project.

We have already said a lot about the artistic caliber of these artists. Enough to make anyone curious to the point of interrupting the reading of this review and going to listen to the album. But the truth is, barely took a peek from the door’s spyhole.

Stepping inside Soundwaves and delivering between the tracks, the first song that we find is Something Off Centre, a veritable curtain that opens on a stage, that of life, where the tracks of the album play out an opera composed of vivid acts.

Penetrating in the meanings transmitted by their lyrics, but respectful of the topics covered, piece after piece they change clothes. Covering each time different roles, The Scope Project convey feelings and situations that mirror what each of us can easily find in our own lives.

From secret intimacy with a lover, to complicity between brothers, from the protective affection of a parent, to the conciliatory love of a life partner, The Scope Project always effectively transmit their musical message.

The emotional spheres through which we are transported are not only the positive ones. As experience teaches us, life is made of affection and love, but also of loneliness and failures. Yet Matt and Rob manage to probe all these meanders in a touching and delicate way. With a disarming consistency, full of ineluctable penetrating truths, their lyrics are capable of filling the empty spaces, left by words that we have always wanted to hear, but never received.

Don’t miss Soundwaves by The Scope Project
out on October 25th on Spotify.

The Scope Project are architects of their music. They shape and sculpt it, constructing songs with arrangements of remarkable instrumental performances, with a commendable mix balance, shrewd and masterfully sealed in the mastering process.

Everything blends organically, like in a colorful cloud, in which the artistic identity, the technique, the sentimental transport, the lived background, are continuously measured with care and wisdom, which change mutually with a disarming harmony.

Soundwaves is a whirlwind of sensations, feelings, and memories, which at times will move you, probably to the point of crying, and then make you smile, and then laugh and cry at the same time.

The Scope Project will make you feel like kids once more, and then you’ll become more adult than you already are. They will soothe that dormant pain that for years has been hidden underneath your life, they will hit that sore spot like nothing ever could.

With Soundwaves The Scope Project turn out to be faithful companions for a journey that we only just now realized has barely started.

A journey that we can’t wait to continue, armed now with a greater awareness of ourselves.

From today onwards, also with by the music of The Scope Project accompanying us. 

In anticipation of the publishing of their album Soundwaves, The Scope Project has just released the music video for Something Off Center on YouTube. You can find it on their official channel [ here ]. Directed by Rob Collins for Loop Motion and produced by Matt Jarman for Stereobyte Studio, the music video for Something Off Centre is a first class, vibrant and penetrating production. Something you won’t want to miss.

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