Visionary and eclectic, the band The Pink Dust will release their EP titled “Fathom” in January. We had the opportunity to listen to its title track in preview, so, here is a brief ¬†advanced peek at it.

Formed by Roy Mitchell-C√°rdenas and Cliff Littlefield, The Pink Dust is an American rock band that stands out in the indie scene thanks to a visionary and creative sound. Their musical journey, begun in 2014 with the release of their eponymous album, today reaches a stage that not only is a goal but also a new starting point.

The density and maturity of the sound, combined with the compactness and consistency of the musical delivery that The Pink Dust are able to offer us with “Fathom“, in fact, find a perfect assist in the fact that Roy and Cliff intend to devote more time to the band, releasing new music and starting to play live.

Penetrating and enveloping, with “Fathom” they bring us a peculiar and immersive production. We really anticipate listening to the definitive EP at its release.

While you wait for “Fathom“, the next EP by The Pink Dust expected for January 2020, follow them on their socials:

The Pink Dust // "Fathom"