American alt-rock band The Pink Dust announces the release date for their eagerly awaited EP titled “Fathom“, fifth release of their discography. We had the opportunity to preview the four tracks, including the title track about which we gave you a brief preview here on Nova Music blog.

With “FathomThe Pink Dust creates a peculiarly diversified record, which somehow brings the band back to the roots of Mitchell-Cardenas’ Mutemath. At its root we find a solid and in-depth study of sound, which is articulated through details and constructions of the arrangements that turn out to be the perfect extension of the eclectic and visionary vein we had already found in the single.

This is how Roy Mitchell-Cardenas (guitar, bass, keyboards, drums) and Cliff Littlefield (vocals, bass, guitar), the two talented artists who form The Pink Dust, give us a valuable production, which stands out not only for its quality and attention to detail, but also for the innovative listening experience it can offer.

Fathom“, the new EP by The Pink Dust, will be available on 10 January 2020. While you wait for it, follow the band on their social networks:

The Pink Dust // Fathom - EP artwork
The Pink Dust // Fathom - EP artwork
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