Welsh band The Marica Frequency returns under the spotlights with the release of their latest album titled “Delicate“, a graceful musical prose that satisfies for the sinuous and mellifluous musical delivery it is able to give.

Founded in 2015 by singer-songwriter Chris Evans, The Marica Frequency is an independent folk band, whose formation is constantly evolving, its only permanent members being Chris Evans himself and Marisa Frantz.

The journey of The Marica Frequency  was started by Evans in 2017, with the publication of “Nursery Rhymes“, the first album of a band that has been able to stand out, developing their own musical identity.

It is a real journey which today leads The Marica Frequency to play a deep and articulate music, while maintaining a structurally simple, if not minimal, exposition narrative.

The Marica Frequency // "Delicate" - album artwork
The Marica Frequency // "Delicate" - album artwork

A narrative density that is radically showcased within the nine tracks that make up “Delicate“, an exquisite artistic declination characterized by a sound rooted in folk and roaming the space between the contemporary and the near future.

Flourishes with a progressive and electronic flavor stand transversely in a coherent and organic way, enriching this release and its ethereal leitmotif. At the base of this work, in its most intimate part, there is a light source with a very thin but incredibly strong beam, which projects on a white wall the dreamy and kaleidoscopically colored slides represented by the songs that form “Delicate“.

The dynamic process through which the rhythms, harmonies and melodies develop is perfectly imperfect in its naturalness. At the base there is not a slavish search for the most geometric quadrature of the circle. Instead, there is a setting that with wisdom, awareness and naturalness is genuinely and sincerely transmitted, with broad developments that allow each musical discourse the right space and time to ensure that every single nuance can be absorbed.

Trying to highlight some tracks instead of others would be reductive, above all because it is precisely by listening to the entire album, from the beginning to the end, that one can grasp all its essence.

Heterogeneous, but at the same time familiar. Futurist, but at the same time contemporary. Dreamy, and at the same time material. “Delicate” is a harmonious fusion of multifaceted rivulets with shaded contours, which intertwine, add together and are exalted with exquisite assonance.

This album stands among the most beautiful musical discoveries with which we are about to close 2019.

Listen now to “Delicate“, the latest album of The Marica Frequency, and find out more about their music on the links below: