The Little Melody releases a 3-hour video of relaxing original music, showing a collection of incredible nature sceneries.

As we have learned in recent times, life is never a straight, perfect, taut, and smudge-free line.

Between hesitations, ups, and downs, sometimes it can also happen to fall. The alternation of moods is something that the human being has inherited from nature itself.

Happy or sad, nervous or relaxed, music can be a medicine to influence us positively, inducing serenity, relaxation, to find relief from stress and frame an exquisite moment of meditation.

To corroborate this soothing ability of music, The Little Melody has released 3 hours of original relaxing music, accompanied by royalty-free footage of natural landscapes provided by Story Blocks.

The video is available on The Little Melody YouTube channel and shows a collection of incredible sceneries among the most beautiful that nature can offer us.

Watch now "[3Hours] Relaxing Music with Beautiful Nature," the latest Video by The Little Melody, and find out more about The Little Melody music checking his YoutTube channel.