The Karmanauts - Paper Tigers - single cover

Formed in 2016 in Humboldt County, California, The Karmanauts are Michael Stephenson, Dominic Romano and Sam Kaplan-Good, who have spent the past year and a half giving body, shape and substance to their style to bringing it to the table in the form of their self-produced debut album ‘Moonstone’.

The Karmanauts - artwork

From this captivating project comes ‘Paper Tiger’, a compelling number of feverishly contagious soul and funk that stands out for the talent exhibited by the various artists that the band has involved in the making of the track.

CaiNo on lead vocal; Jimmy Durchslag and David Penalosa, respectively on trombone and conga; Tyler Martin on the baritone sax and Isaac Williams on the alto sax; and Chad Bell on the trumpet are the secret ingredients that The Karmanauts selected to give their ‘Paper Tiger’ an irresistible funky boost of energy.

The organic mix that balances all the elements of the rich arrangement is also commendable, with a professional mastering signed by Joe LaPorta (Vampire Weekend, Grizzly Bear, Imagine Dragons, David Bowie, Foo Fighters), that enhances the touches of brilliance and the body of the whole song.

Originally written to talk about fear and anxiety, ‘Paper Tiger’ is an irresistible stimulus to get up and dance in front of and also on the desk, to find a moment to be carefree and unburden spirit and soul from their afflictions.

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