The Irrational Library is a new Dutch project that, through the currents of spoken word poetry, conveys messages of protest that point the finger at the problems of modern times, setting them in a kaleidoscopic musical groove with punk, rock, soul and jazz vibrations.

Lead vocalist Joshua Baumgarten, guitarist and baritone sax player Tom de Haan, bassist Mishal Zeera, and drummer Lars van der Weiden are the members of this eclectic band. Through their music and building mental trips, they aim to offer ideas of spiritual elevation that move consciences. Explaining what The Irrational Library is, frontman Baumgarten said: “That’s what you get when an expat American Jewish poet, a Protestant Sstadsdominee, a lapsed Muslim multi-talented musician, and a Dutch guy with a penchant for weird word puns walk on stage.”

On the spur of their peculiar and penetrating creative vision, last September 20 The Irrational Library presented their second album, titled “Everything At All Times. All Things At Once“, at The Wolfhound Irish Pub in Haarlem, Netherlands.

13 tracks with which The Irrational Library call the whole world to wake up, stand up, pull its head out of the sand, and turn its attention back to topics such as the Palestinian crisis, the social media boom, new American thinking, and other big issues of today.

The Irrational Library // “Everything At All Times. All Things At Once" - album cover
The Irrational Library // “Everything At All Times. All Things At Once" - album cover

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