With a slow-burning, magmatic, pulsating sound mass that unfolds in an infinite number of streams full of granular sounds, the idiosyncratic mixture casted by The Great Dictators rises like a monolithic obelisk imbued with its own life.

Driven by an augmenting force fueled by old synthesizers, bombastic choir, and an exotic saxophone, this song plays as a sarcastic yet delicate look at the state of the world, thanks to lines not to underestimate such as “Let’s just wait for one big nothing” and “the music has left the building”, which the lead crooner Dragut Lugalzagosi evokes while atmospheric warped guitars accentuate the otherworldly aftertaste that imbues the whole mix.

With ‘Trees Come From Hell’ the Danish band brings us a work permeated by that creative fabric that distinguishes them, of unparalleled quality and mesmerizing expressiveness. A real listening experience enhanced by the characteristic touch and vision of The Great Dictators.

Extracted from the album ‘One Eye Opener’, together with the two singles we’ve previously featured, ‘Killing Fields’ and ‘Creep For Life’, ‘Trees Come From Hell’ forms an impressive triptych showing their musical, communicative, and expressive power, but it is actually only a glimpse of the vastness and spatiality offered by the 11 tracks of the entire album.

If you don’t know them yet, this is definitely a mind-blowing and unmissable entry point to immerse yourself in the world of The Great Dictators.

Listen now to ‘Trees Come From Hell’ and to ‘One Eye Opener’, the single and the album from The Great Dictators, and find out more about their music, checking the links below:

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The Great Dictators // Killing Fields - single cover

The Great Dictators // Killing Fields

Through oddly nostalgic black and white images, the Danish trio The Great Dictators returns with “Killing Fields”, an electronic indie rock single, enriched by a psychedelic pop vibe.