At first glance, the use of footage from the first half of the 20th century connects the visuals of “Killing Fields” to memories from the past of Western culture. But those memories are so deeply rooted in our collective background that the video ends up pointing in a not-too-subliminal way to aspects of our contemporary society.

The sound aesthetic of “Killing Fields” is a splendid auditive theater, characterized by a feeling of intimate melancholy, with a musical delivery and lyrics aimed at stimulating a sort of introspective and philosophical sense of reflection. But among the delicate, dark hues silhouetted by the disasters that afflict the world and fall on us and on today’s society, takes form a glimpse of hope, when the permeating voice of Dragut Lugalzagosi sings in the chorus “In between your gutted dreams, turn to me”.

This is how after the equally formidable previous release “By The Throat”, The Great Dictators give us a new bewitching work, capable of amalgamating in an articulated, granular and material groove their expressive music, elegant lyrics and evocative frames.

Pervasive and vibrant, albeit free from exaggerations or excesses, “Killing Fields” impeccably reflects the size and breadth of a puzzle, the union of the pieces of which forms an exceptional transversal conceptualization where the past meets the present.

Taken from their next album “One Eye Opener“, which will be released on April 17 via Celebration Records, with “Killing FieldsThe Great Dictators once more reaffirm the caliber of their stylistic signature, adding another unmissable gem to their incredible catalog of albums and EPs.

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