Being a lawyer and a rebel rocker, Gary Douglas has long been engaged in battle against the forces of greed and injustice, fighting every day for the rights of workers and the victims of corporate greed.

Now, with his recent single titled “Deep In The Water” and accompanied by The Gary Douglas Band, Douglas realizes his most vibrant statement.

With a particularly fluent vocal delivery and a sound that stands out, “Deep In The Water” is a passionate number that blurs the lines separating folk, country and even rock.

Powered by cleverly crafted melodies, choirs that open wide sound sceneries, with this song Douglas creates an exciting listening experience. This piece leads to blunt, uncompromising reflections on the real life social and emotional effects of politics and power.

With a touch of vintage style enriched by a fresh and modern sound, “Deep In The Water” sounds poetic and engaging. It’s a subtle interweaving of important themes and artistic creativity, thanks to which Gary Douglas stands out in a commendable way.

To discover more about Gary Douglas music check his official website [ here ] and Facebook page [ here ].

Watch now the music video of “Deep in the Water (Redeux)”  which is available on Youtube [ here ]. The song is available also on Soundcloud [ here ].

The Gary Douglas Band // Deep In The Water - cover
The Gary Douglas Band // Deep In The Water - cover