An opportunity

to Try Something Again After Failing, the brand-new piece from The Foolks discusses the idea of second chances

The sound is tremendously familiar, but they make it vibrate, hit, and pike like few others; they are The Foolks.

Based on a combination of the words “folks” and “fool,” their name is a concoction about the people and contemporary times’ craziness.

A project forged in the flames of the pandemic, a reflection of the world’s current situation, The Foolks would not have existed without Covid-19.

Formed by French producer and songwriter Emmanuel Dron, this is an elite group of musicians, consisting of lead vocalist Jamie Wiltshire (Cambridge, UK), guitarist Emmanuel Dron (Singapore), drummer Andrew Picha (Nashville, US), and bassist Charles Berthoud (Massachusetts, US).

Out on August 10th, the first song coming from The Foolks’ upcoming self-titled album is the biting number ‘The Most Beautiful Queen’.

With a load full of tones and melodies akin to those supergroups that have risen some of the most fundamental pillars for present music – someone said The Rolling Stones? – The Foolks’ Queen rides straightforward, along a highway paved with powerful guitar riffs, while a melodic bass and a jazzy drum give legs to the beat, utterly pairing soulful and punchy vocals.

“Everybody can achieve their dreams, even if you are down in life. You need to pick yourself up, brush yourself down, and strive towards the path of a better life,” they say, loud and clear, showcasing the abundance of music experience between them, and overcoming even the barriers imposed by Covid-19.

Working from all over the world to create a lockdown project that promises to be like no other will be very interesting to join and follow them on their new thrilling journey.

Needless to say, we can’t wait to hear more from The Foolks.

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The release of ‘The Most Beautiful Queen’ is accompanied by a video featuring Wiltshire, Dron, and Picha Berthoud performing from the four corners of the world.
You can watch it on the The Foolks YouTube channel.