After having signed their first songs for the famous YouTube channel / label Majestic Casual, known for having released music by artists such as Mura Masa, KAYTRANADA, Disclosure and others, and with over 12 million streams on Spotify, 2020 seems to be the year of The Endorphins.

The Endorphins - Dead Or Alive - artwork

Emerging with explosive growth from the music scene in Stockholm, Sweden, this promising duo marks their beginning of this year with a trendy release fueled by a funky euphoria immersed in a dreamy atmosphere full of feeling.

Celebrating individuality in the face of a society that wants you to comply, ‘Dead Or Alive’ is a moving and contagious number, capable of lifting your spirit up and inviting you to dance, high on the energy and well-being it shoots through your veins .

The Endorphins

Speaking of ‘Dead Or Alive’, The Endorphins recall: “Written on a Stockholm city beach, on the hottest day of summer, we started reflecting on our life and came up with a track about this society working against individuality and freedom of self expression.”

Embellished by Alva’s golden soul voice, ‘Dead Or Alive’ brings us all the R&B flavor of The Endorphins’ electronic pop style, masterfully combined in a groove that, we bet, will lead the duo to repeat the brilliant success of their equally compelling debut EP, ‘Sublime’.

“Our music is all about inducing endorphins. It’s about love, friendship, parties and sex. The vibe of our songs is influenced by the good vibes that were floating around NYC in the 70’s – that escape from reality that the disco era was built upon,” The Endorphins say.

With its soft and sensual tones, their latest release brings us more of that warm and heartfelt rhythm that they have pushed so far during their career. It is clear that they know what they are doing. They are doing it well, they just have to keep on doing it, continuing along that positive climb that has led them to grow and mature up to this point.

With a minimum of two new EPs announced for 2020, The Endorphins is among the most promising discoveries we have made in recent months. You’ll want to keep them on your radar.

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