From The Dream of Orion comes out the new single Keep on Dreaming, the third release of his discography, which is an ethereal journey through atmospheric soundscapes.

Boiling this innovative project down to a specific genre is reductive. The artist himself defines it as a Spiritual Dream Pop project, in which the concept of spirituality is central.

Keep on Dreaming creates an immersive and magnetic atmosphere, specifically directed at the introspective sphere. It’s a multi-layered composition artfully constructed with atmospheric sounds, which immediately attracts the listener, in which elements derived from Gregorian chants blend harmoniously with modern elements and genres, such as guitar riffs and electronic music.

Melodic lyrics and female voices with a velvety touch emphasize the expressive and dreamy atmosphere. The pleasant performance of the singer is a sort of center of mass around which all the spiritual energy of the mix is ​​developed. The mix is a nuance of the ’80s sound, colored by a modern and contemporary touch, with a rich texture and a spiritual energy.

Keep On Dreaming is not a song made to be classified, but to be listened to, without filters.

It’s a track made so that one can fully understand the spiritual message it carries within, conveyed through a universal language, which is music.

Check out the original and immersive sound of The Dream of Orion and listen now to Keep on Dreaming, already available on all the major streaming platforms.

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