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With a catchy hook and grooving blackening rhythm, “In The Dirty South” is a bluesy trip to the dark underbelly of the American deep south, venturing through character’s tales of woe told in the typical storytelling style of The Curse of KK Hammond.

Off from her concept album “Death Roll Blues”, in the tune “In The Dirty South” KK Hammond extrapolates and squeezes more the dense and gloomy nectar of her artistic cut.

An in-depth look at death, with songs approaching the topic in a dark, morose, and soulful fashion, the album comprises 9 tracks, also allowing K.K. to decline some of the songs in a more light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek, and playful manner.

Smells of frying catfish dirt and blood on the breeze
Arguments through thin walls
Dogs are scratching at fleas

Various subtle textures and talking imaginative inventions exist in “In The Dirty South,” ready to capture the ears of many listeners like a Curse, not just the typical Blues fan.

Being a die-hard fan of historical folk music and Murder Ballads in particular, and being ever-in-touch with the iconic delta blues style, K.K. harnesses a hooking style, painting a rich and vivid vision of what we can find in her listening experience cast by her music.

She really is a Curse, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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