Recently The Claytons released their first EP, a 5-track album  titled ‘What Do You See?’ The Claytons is an indie-pop / rock band that is composed of five members. It’s a group of talented musicians from all around the world, influenced by artists such as The Beatles, Harry Nilsson, Carole King and Tom Petty, who put together their artistic talents to give life to this debut release. An artistic endeavor that we are sure will take them very far.

‘What Do You See?’ was recorded in different parts of the world and then impeccably mixed and mastered by Gene Paul at G&J Audio in New York, a sound technician who created the sound of 9 Grammy Award winning albums. From Australia to the USA, ‘What Do You See?’ went around the world before being released. And probably this is the secret that makes this EP a shining example of classic indie pop music, enriched by a fresh and inspired verve. 

The Claytons // 'What Do You See?' - artwork

‘What Do You See?’ is an EP rich in details and nuances, which brings together and integrates, in a masterfully successful balance, the multitude of talents that the members of The Claytons can boast. Thanks to all of this, with ‘What Do You See?’ The Claytons present us with an exquisitely genuine, familiar and confidential musical delivery. These are features that we find in many of the distinguishing aspects of this band and this EP. It is certainly not a coincidence, therefore, if the members present themselves only with their first names: Roland (guitars), Damjan (bass), Glenn (drums), Adrian (keys) and Jessie (vocals and violins).

In ‘What Do You See?’, lead vocalist Jessie’s voice is a point of light that shines in radiant sound scenes. The arrangements are constructed in an intelligent way, introducing violin counter-melody phrasings and Hammond organ modulations that harmonize gracefully around the vocals, while the guitar arpeggios and the percussion riffs invite you to listen to one track after another.

‘Step Into The Light’ is the perfect intro for this EP. A cheerful, “bouncy” song, with an irresistible catchy refrain. Carefree and engaging, once heard, you will have no choice but to sing the chorus along as the song plays.

The second track, ‘Rising Love’, offers a more sentimental turn. With this sweet love song and its satisfying and delicate sonorities, the band offers us further proof of the artistic and creative flexibility of its members.

With ‘Ivory Tower’ the band takes on a more classic pop rhythmic theme, on which they build a wide-ranging choral atmosphere. Airy and vibrant, the song gives us a more introspective delivery thanks to the meaning of the lyrics.

‘No One Else’ slows down the pace again, accompanying us in a deeper analysis of a failed relationship. A touch of innocence, with a suspended open ending that is an irresistible invitation to listen to the song over and over again.

‘Heading for the Sun’ is undoubtedly the perfect outro for this EP. The delivery of the lyrics is perfectly underlined by the melodic acoustic feeling of this song. With this piece, The Claytons show us the uncertainty we can feel when faced by a precarious future.

With this debut EP, The Claytons have given us a solid release. Its sound is rooted in the tradition of the most classic pop genre, but is enriched and made brilliant by a fresh, modern and dynamic drift, arising from their collective creative voice, which is exquisitely distinctive and unique.

To not miss the new releases of The Claytons and to learn more about this band, visit their official website [ here ] and check their socials: on Facebook [ here ], YouTube [ here ] and Instagram [ here ].

‘Step Into The Light’ is also accompanied by a music video, already available on YouTube [ here ]. Perfect compendium to the delivery provided by the song, the video lets us peek at some romantic moments from the life of a couple, an overview of romantic love perfectly in tune with the carefree and serene style of the song itself.

Listen now to “What Do You See?“, the debut EP of The Claytons, available on Spotify [ here ] and on Soundcloud [ here ].