Pure fun, “The Cha Song” is a song about what’s probably the most popular drink in the world. Mystik Kaur’s new single is a burst of originality, starting with the theme of the song.

There are only a handful of songs on Cha, which is a central part of every Indian’s life, no matter which part of India they come from or where in the world they are.

While today almost all Punjabi songs in circulation tend to talk about opulence, expensive cars, drinking alcohol and promoting the romantic theme of girls, with “The Cha Song” Mystik Kaur steps totally out of the box, giving us an innovative, fresh and fun song.

While presenting reminiscences of typical Punjabi sound, the lirycs of “The Cha Song” are the fruit of the collaboration between Mystic Kaur and her close friend Karamjit Bhatti, who was joined by the pen of her colleague Je Suis Henri, who took care of writing the rap part in English.

The whole arrangement of the song revolves around them, a colorful and enthralling kaleidoscope, an irresistible invitation to sing the catchy melody of the song and to let loose doing the #ChaFloss, the unique dance shown in the video accompanying the song.

Mystik Kaur // "The Cha Song" - artwork
Mystik Kaur // "The Cha Song" - artwork

“The Cha Song” by Mystik Kaur is a particular Punjabi pop song, which came out along with a lyric video: it’s like a comedy video about ‘Tea’.

The result of over 3 months of work in which music, videos, languages and different genres mix perfectly, “The Cha Song” is a genuine and sincere moment of positive sharing. To be enjoyed like a cup of Cha.

The main message of Mystik Kaur is about turning inwards, to recognize our own spirit and that we are all one, despite race, religion, sex and language.

The release of “The Cha Song” gave us the opportunity of interviewing Mystik Kaur. Let’s find out who is hiding behind the mysterious mask of this talented artist.

Hi Mystik, thank you for spending some of your time with us, we know that these days you are particularly committed to following your fans and the bustle of activity generated by the release of “The Cha Song.”

The first thing we want to ask you is: Why sing Punjabi songs at the threshold of 2020?

I feel the industry has seen too many songs that are superficial in their message. It seems that most songs focus on materialistic objectives like wealth, cars, drinking, boy-girl love stories. I wanted to introduce songs that talk about spirituality, the need to nurture and be compassionate to world, the need to spread happiness and not make people slaves to the material world.

We know that many of the fans who follow you on social media are particularly interested in the mask you wear. Why the mask?

Every day I get at least 50 DMs from Facebook, Instagram asking me to send pictures without my mask. There are reasons why I wear this mask when I sing. Firstly I want it to be about the music and not me and how I look. Second, I want to send a message to you that you don ‘t have to be insecure about how you look. Your spirit, your soul is not yet invested to find out who we are. We are too busy.

After your previous “Man Na Digey” (we talked about it here on Nova Music blog), with “The Cha Song” you took a very different creative direction. It seems that your creativity knows no limits. What can we expect soon from Mystik Kaur?

My next 2 songs are going to be spiritual songs again, and I will infuse English elements in the songs to appeal to the youth. They will be released next month and in December. I will also launch a separate YouTube channel for kids’ songs as well really soon for uplifting content.

More than this, you can expect regular stream of songs, I will be doing almost monthly releases. I will also be doing more English based content soon. Further, I have strong interest in paintings as well, and have been experimenting with a few pieces, so I intend to share some of my work as well through paintings. So, stay tuned.

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.: Nova Music blog // October 2019