Formed in early 2019, Punk n’ Rock newcomer band THE BRKN are led by Jacob Cade and follow the wake of the success marked by over 118K streaming in Spotify playlists from their two previous songs ‘Your Existence’ and ‘The Motions’, making their debut with their first EP titled ‘No.3’.

Published via Ingrooves by Right Brain Music Group, the independent record company and music marketing company formed by music industry veteran Rob Gordon, ‘No. 3 ’is the perfect manifesto with which this young Colorado band shows off how fresh and contemporary their creative style is.

Consisting of 6 tracks, ‘No.3’ is an affable excursus focused on the inner debate facing today’s generations. In a society that pushes us to be perfect, where there seems to be no room for those who are “broken inside”, THE BRKN underline how we all have broken parts inside us, how they accompany us with their scars in the days to come, and how these imperfections make each and every one of us beautifully unique.

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