Live in Los Angeles is a soundboard recording of a show The Ataris played in 2012. It’s a raw and honest recording, without edits, overdubs, or frills, which give us all the energy of this band with some familiar tunes everybody would sing at the top of their lung.

This release is a good photograph of the band doing what it does best: performing some honest, loud rock n’ roll.

Founded in 1996, more than twenty years later, they are still going strong, traveling the world and playing alternative-indie-rock music. 

Live in Los Angeles was released to raise funds to replace the engine of the band's van, which blew out on their previous US tour.

With a discography of 12 releases, the latest one out in 2017, The Ataris still hit the road with many gigs, sharing their journey with their fans and other bands too – like during the MxPx w/ The Ataris & Rehasher event on November 23, in Anaheim, CA.

Are you thinking about buying tickets for their next concert, but never met their sound?

Then check it out and listen to Live in Los Angeles from their page on Bandcamp [ here ], where you can also find all their albums, including special editions vinyls, and don’t forget to follow them on Facebook [ here ].