The Arthurs // Red Letter Days - cover

Formed around the Dutch singer-songwriter Robin den Drijver, the indie band from Amsterdam / Rotterdam (Netherlands) brings us an expressive act imbued with their unique style, embellished by a sound aesthetic cloaked in melodic and dynamic scenarios, capable of ranging from dreamlike suggestions to more aggressive exploits.

The Arthurs are already known on the indie scene thanks to their live performances that the public and critics define as magnetic and capable of attracting all the attention to stage. Now, with ‘Red Letter Days’ they create a rich and profound cross-section of their evolved, mature current sound.

Starting from a Brit pop rock root made of the canonical fundamental elements of these styles, with their new single The Arthurs bring to stage an expressive and wide-ranging act that is choral and echoing, hued by creative reverberations and richly colorful nuances.

Amiable and satisfying, in ‘Red Letter Days’ there is an alternative touch that in a full-bodied and substantial way projects an exquisite and airy slide of the band’s compelling and intriguing musical delivery.

While The Arthurs aren’t aiming to reinvent the wheel, their music nonetheless reflects a sense of musical completeness and expressive maturity that has few equals. Certainly with their ‘Red Letter Days’ they attracted all our attention. Needless to say, we can’t wait to hear their complete work, with the release of the album.

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