DJ and producer TFXX finds a perfect harmony with the vibrations and the powerful voice of singer Diastrid.

Their recipe manages to give substance and character to ‘Suluban’, a radio-friendly piece rendered in an infectious summer atmosphere, that is light, melodic, pleasantly catchy, and truly danceable.

Definitely a summer hit that must find place in any upcoming seasonal playlists, although ‘Suluban’ fits fully into the category of the current trend, it also stands out thanks to valuable touches of style, making this song a release of note.

And if this is not enough to appreciate the contribution of these two talented artists, ‘Suluban’ is also available in an extended version. As TFXX explains: “The radio version is specially mastered. We thought it was an advantage to mix the song on headphones. Young people listen to everything there. But the song is suitable for playing on the radio too. The mastering of the extended version is for the Big sound system.”

The release of ‘Suluban’ is accompanied by a lyric video, available on the TFXX Youtube channel.

A song about a girl falling in love with her significant other, the track is a truly enjoyable upbeat production, elevated by Diastrid’s profound vocal delivery and by the way in which everything flows forward effortlessly, between layers and interlacing of lush keys, airy synths, and exciting drums.

A rich formula, magnetically attractive and appealingly contagious, that will make you dance from start to finish, play after play.

Listen now to ‘Suluban’, the latest single from TFXX, featuring Diastrid, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. Find your preferred one via

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