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Alternative Indie Rock duo from Oslo, Norway, pushes his creative vision towards the more kabbalistic boundary of its coinage.

Digging into the darkest folds of the psyche, Temperature Falls shows off the rawest face of its sound, releasing the music video for the single “Pass Me a Cigarette.”

The atmosphere is drugged. Something that at first glance appears to be toxic smoky. But the track made by Temperature Falls sinks like a sharp blade into a thick, dark blanket.

Here the opiate, as caustic as poisonous, is sipped, administered intravenously through a relaxed delivery, which sweetens the harshness of an abyss of loneliness that could annihilate and make anyone lose.

But the hazy atmosphere, in which the vocalist/lyricist Camilla and the multi-instrumentalist Ian J. Ward were able to externally flex their touch, redefines the center of attention, not on the great leaden incumbency aroused by the hypnotic world, which they show they know how to distill with remarkable skill.

Temperature Falls’ songs are contemporary and classic at the same time and bring one instantly into their delightfully hypnotic worlds.

The project began with a chance meeting between Camilla and Ian which led the two to Ian’s studio, where they discovered a natural musical connection.

Certainly the tip of the spear of “Pass Me a Cigarette” remains a nasty, insidious, and insinuating humoral cusp that unravels in the midst of looming guitars and bass. Certainly, the raw energy and the enigmatic vocal of Camilla concoct a sad juice. Yet the whole production corroborates a sense of security and relaxation, in which to let oneself be inebriated by that poison, a little endorphin, a little nicotine, sliding the mind along that thin line that separates us from a near and dark abyss of loneliness.

And this is how after “1-2-3” and “Cut The Wire”, Temperature Falls returns to charm us and capture all our attention with a work that accompanies their eclectic style to land on a new fascinating and even more mature horizon.

Needless to say, we can’t wait to hear what they will be able to distill into their next album. 

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Temperature Falls - media photo
Temperature Falls - media photo

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