Temperature Falls is an emerging band that started out of coincidence in Norway from the meeting of talented artists Ian J. Ward and Camilla. Delivering a versatile sound that takes inspiration from boom-bap beats and contemporary music, their eclectic style imbued with soothing vocals is something that will always leave you wanting more.

After capturing our attention with their previous single ‘1-2-3’, Temperature Falls are back with a new atmospheric number, embellished with mesmerizing music and subtle elements. Channeled in an inductive aesthetic, which sonically instills a sort of trance state, the new work by Temperature Falls – ‘Cut The Wire’ – is a characteristic production with an uplifting feeling.

Speaking about ‘Cut The Wire’, Temperature Falls said: “The song is about how much you would do just to survive. You will try to hang on to the life as far as you can, even beg for a chance to come back. But we all have that final point, when you just can’t handle it anymore and the whole situation turns. Now you will just do the opposite, and beg them to ‘cut the wire’.”

With a feel-good aura over a down-tempo beat, fueled by Camilla’s soaring  vocals and engaging drum patterns, ‘Cut The Wire’ brings in a strong inspiring message, moved by groovy instrumentation and a driving bassline, and made further engaging by the contrast between sections that accompanies the latent energy and the sense of anticipation that flow along the entire track.

With ‘Cut The Wire’ Temperature Falls keep on rising on the wake of their eclectic style and of their uplifting delivery, continually striving to create and write music that resonates from within themselves, yet genuinely spreading their feelings and their vibes.

Listen now to ‘Cut The Wire’, the latest single from Temperature Falls, available on their Youtube channel.

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