Thanks to their chemistry, the two artists dedicated all of 2018 to give shape and substance to their creativity, conveying it in Temperature Falls. They published their self-titled debut album in 2019, accompanied by their single cover of “Knife Party” by Deftones, which was followed by Zuzu’s Petlas, first single from their upcoming EP.

Developing a brilliant, intelligent and original fusion of influences, genres and different styles, their music is a mixture of the glorious euphoria of trip-hop, piled on the backbone of alternative rock, with elements that recall artists like Bjork, Portishead, Pearl Jam and Sigrid.

We find a shining example of this creative and magnetically fascinating trait in their latest single titled “1-2-3”. Permeating and penetrating, the new work by Temperature Falls is an immersive sensory stimulation, capable of instilling a suspended and relaxed state of mind that, throughout its development, ends up resonating, tangible and enveloping.

Temperature Falls - 1-2-3 - artwork

“1-2-3” is set up in a context with a musical aesthetic that is both contemporary and classic at the same time, and with this song Temperature Falls lure us in their delightfully hypnotic listening experience, that, with affable sensuality, bewitches us and satisfies us with its every pulse.

The melancholic melody, at times disturbing, and the reverberating ethereal atmosphere encapsulating it marry in a combination of electronic that resounds deeply in our feelings. Steeped in a dense and accurate sensorial transposition, the song sounds so organic and accomplished that from the first moment it manages to enchant us with its charming spell. It’s a siren’s song. It’s Camilla’s persuasive, feminine voice. It’s a disturbing, weaving musical arrangement.

This is an ecstatic and mesmeric track, complex and at the same time accessible, silhouetted against a slow rhythm in slow motion. With its palpitations, its strokes, and its stratifications, it embodies the best synthesis of this alternative duo, enhancing the creative and expressive breadth and the mysterious and fascinating magnetism that they are able to express.

Warm, like the fire of the most ardent hearts, and at the same time cold, like the coldest stone and ice, ‘1-2-3’ is a visceral, luxuriant and infectious sensory stimulation. Unmissable.

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Listen now to “1-2-3”, the latest single from Temperature Falls, available on all the major digital platform:

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