Born and raised in Mount Olive, North Carolina, Myron “Taymarion” Roberts began singing in the children’s choir at the age of 7 at A Winn Chapel Missionary Baptist.

Around the age of 13, he met his longtime friend Tamesha Williams and together they formed a duo called UNITY. At 18, Taymarion decided to take a break from music by trying a variety of career choices, including cosmetology and joining the Army. After military service in 2014, he met his current manager Elawate, a longtime friend of his parents.

In 2018 Taymarion released his debut EP titled “Love Life Lyrics“, followed by a return to the stage to perform live in the summer of the same year for an Indie Artist showcase called Coast 2 Coast. He placed second and was the featured artist on the track that placed first.

Today Taymarion continues to write, sing, record and share his music with the world, a true purpose he has been focusing on for years. Hard work, determination, patience and faith drive him forward while living by one quote which states “slow progress is better than not progress”.

With this vision clearly in his mind, he recently dropped a new 6-track EP titled “Damaged“. It is a release through which Taymarion gives us the most mature and evolved version of his sound and his creativity. An exquisite blend of R&B and soul, colored by pop and hip-hop vibrations, through which Taymarion showcases his remarkable versatility in spacing between different genres and styles.

Thanks to the exquisite balance of the mix, “Damaged” shines for the quality of the production, maintained consistently through all the songs, and which splendidly enhances the aesthetics of the Taymarion sound.

Something that is highlighted by Taymarion vocal performance, the perfect medium through which the artist gives us the uniqueness of his style, full of touching expressiveness.

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Taymarion // “Damaged” - EP cover
Taymarion // “Damaged” - EP cover

Listen now to “Damaged“, the latest EP from Taymarion, which is available on Spotify [ here ] and Youtube [ here ].