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Continuing to highlight his genre-style versatility, rising artist Taye Ricks releases the anthemic single titled “Superglow.”

The Tampa-based singer, songwriter, and producer has honed his talent over the years to become the artist he is today, and burst onto the streaming scene in 2016.

Taye Ricks started his career by playing keyboards for local bands in nightclubs in Tampa around 2011. He landed a weekly gig, performing at live events, and used it to grow his local fan base.

In 2015 he released his first single Exotic Dancer, followed by the self-produced EP titled Midnight Love Affairs, which was followed by other works, collaborations and co-productions, and a distribution deal with Universal Music Brazil.

Now, after a string of captivating numbers featuring iconic tracks such as Dope, Bliss, or Mission Impossible, rising artist Taye Ricks returns under the spotlight with an unmissable and energetic work.

The groove is always the distinctive one of an artist capable to carve out a versatile and recognizable sound. From Trap to Hip-hop, the one designed by Ricks is an ever-evolving spectrum aimed at collimating the tangent of modern R&B. But in this pamphlet, the luminescent uniqueness of Superglow stands out, and sits above all in its inspirational fiber.

“I originally wrote the song as an inspiration to my young granddaughter as she grows up,” says Taye sharing the backdrop that gave birth to his song. Then, underlining the sharp and anthemic wedge that distinguishes Superglow, he adds: “but I quickly realized that all women could use this song.”

Superglow is a tune about knowing your true “superhero” potential and never doubting yourself, no matter what people say about you. “That your positive thinking and energy will always be better than being negative” – word of Taye Ricks.

Indeed, a driving force for all the heroines and heroes, grown-up or children they may be, who are willing to turn their gaze towards and beyond the end of this 2021.

Listen now to Superglow, the Single by Taye Ricks, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via


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