Tamaskin is the stage name under which indefatigable rapper Jeremy Hobbs, from Charleston, South Carolina, produces his own music.

Jeremy shares the name “Tamaskin” with the Tamaskan wolf breed, with which he shares an ingrained affinity.

Like these wolves base their strength on the pack, so Tamaskin turns to his audience and fans for his own strength.

After graduating from the College of Charleston with a major in Artistic Management with a concentration in Music , Jeremy “Tamaskin” Hobbs put into practice his passion for music, marked by an eccentric and experimental creative vein. Tamaskin is a recording artist intent on exploring the varied directions  that life can take. From rap to pop to rock, Tamaskin creates his music with the specific intent of reaching his listeners, to make them hungry for his new and unique sound.

After the release of his album “Murder Mountain” and the EP “Undefeated”, Tamaskin returns again on the music scene, to make people speak once more about him and his new album “What’s the Danger”.

“What’s the Danger” is a record composed of 10 tracks, in which Tamaskin genuinely infuses the intuitions captured while living his daily life, the experiences made while traveling, the exposition of his life style.

With his music this young artist demonstrates an undeniable penchant for grasping the most fascinating facets of life. An open-mindedness thanks to which you might find him singing a song about what he learned in class during a Greek history lesson, or about what it’s like to be a young African American living in the South and trying to find his way through life.

Listen to “What’s the Danger now, available on your favorite digital platform [ here ]. Find out more about Tamaskin checking his official website [ here ].

.: Nova Music blog // October 2019