Having started in a church choir as a child, and then progressed to be a full-fledged singer-songwriteraround 2017, Talia Grace is an inspired artist that through her guitar, piano and vocals creates songs that feel like true tellings of deeply human narratives.

A bittersweet story to which many will relate, her brand-new single ‘St. Louis’ is about an unrequited love made bitter by heartbreak and resignation. The song shows a dichotomous juxtaposition between a lovingly, delicate and graceful production and instrumentation, and lyrics that decidedly bring in a dynamic that’s genuinely capable of bringing people together.

“Those who listen to my music feel something, and sometimes, they see themselves in my words. The greatest gift that music can provide is the ability to understand oneself better, and that is the gift that I seek to give in every song that I compose.” So Talia shares the backdrop behind ‘St. Louis’.

Recorded in a home studio in Austin, TX by St. Louis-native Taylor J. Webb, and mastered by Bob Boyd of Ambient Digital, ‘St. Louis’ is an exquisite pop song enhanced by a folk connotation, with which Talia demonstrates once again all her gracious talent as a singer-songwriter.

Listen now to ‘St. Louis’, the latest single from Talia Grace, release on May 8 on all the major digital platforms.

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