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Syd Carter West is a Canadian singer/songwriter who grew up in British Columbia. After hearing the gritty, soulful sound of Amanda Marshall when she was five years old, she knew she wanted to be a singer.

By 12 she was training in opera and studying music theory at the Royal Conservatory of Music, competed nationally, and was awarded the much-lauded Gold Medal (formerly Silver).

At 20, West moved beyond performing opera and began to write original lyrics and compositions.

“As a child, I would create bedtime stories for my friends off the top of my head,” says West.

“At a very young age, I was feeling powerful emotions that I couldn’t contain and I stumbled across the outlet of putting angst-ridden pen to paper. Eventually, I found a love for poetry and the beauty of expressing through words.”

Recently the Vancouver-based singer-songwriter released her brand new single “Cheaters.” A powerful Country-pop song taken from her self-titled debut EP, accompanied by the official music video shared by Syd on her YouTube channel.

West solved the problem of how to film a music video during a pandemic by making the safe choice to film it outdoors.

In early October, West, along with a small cast and crew, traveled to Golden Ears Provincial Park to film the video for her latest single ‘Cheaters,’ a song that was written about her personal experience of being cheated on in a past relationship and how she was able to gain the confidence to end the relationship for good. 

“The video for my tune ‘Cheaters’ portrays a wicked bonfire setting where a mysterious ghost who died from a broken heart helps a young woman come to the realization that the relationship she has with herself is more important than the love she has from her cheating partner,” says West. 

Powerful and brimmed with Syd’s fierce vocals, “Cheaters” is the first single from West’s self-titled debut EP (released last month) and is proof positive that this bright-eyed, roots ‘n’ soul singer-songwriter is a real magnetic pole. With a set of pipes that “feels,” she can belt it out and pull it back in, showcasing her ability to play her wide vocal range, and embellishing lyrics to have more than one meaning. 

Writing deep emotion, and giving voice to feelings that most of us have a difficult time expressing she’s mastering the free-spirit of Classic Rock with a fearless and soaring vocal presence and daring stage persona, but still channeling emotive storytelling rooted to Country, Southern Rock, and Americana.

Powerful and empowering, West’s self-titled debut EP, showcases material culled from the emotional chapters of the sonic book surrounding a toxic relationship. “Each song is a chapter within the novella that holds this portion of my life,” says West. “It begins where every great love story starts – carefree, confident, and heady with emotions.  Then, the spiral begins – cheating, breakup, grief, anger, bitterness and, ultimately, coming out the other side as a warrior that has her stripes.”

Check out the video for “Cheaters” below, and find the single by Syd Carter West on all major digital platforms.

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