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A loving and luxurious glimmer – SWIMMERS amazes and magnetizes with a refined alt-pop aesthetic, giving an escapist parenthesis finely chiseled in a retro-futuristic groove.

SWIMMERS are two London session musicians, who, until the events of 2020 were traveling the world with various projects.

Irish singer Rosalee O’Connell and Portuguese guitarist and producer Luis began writing together while locked up in separate countries, resulting in the new “cosmodromic” act SWIMMERS.

These are two artists who already boast significant achievements behind them. O’Connell recently appeared on the single by legendary trance DJ Chicane, and has toured with artists such as Erasure, The Human League, and Jools Holland.

Luis recently finished a collaborative tour that has seen him line up with names like Earl Slick (David Bowie) and Bernard Fowler (The Rolling Stones).

It is therefore not surprising how these two planetoids, theoretically belonging to two different universes, orbit in perfect synchronous around a permanent center of gravity, perfectly focused, in a dynamic systemic balance between retro openings and futuristic syntheses.

Following their previous release, “Minute of Sunshine,” the new work from SWIMMERS is an escapist parenthesis finely chiseled in a retro-futuristic groove.

The cleanliness with which SWIMMERS infuses their latest work is of exquisite musicianship. The polychromy offered by this duopoly is a fundamental redefinition of the principles of physics.

Their ability to blend into a very dense core does not prevent them from pouring out a magnetic field of sensual attractiveness and spreading it all-around effortlessly.

By building a momentary lapse of reason, a safe non-place to escape for a parenthesis from time, SWM functions as a planisphere. And right here, we can admire the art and love of that deep, lusty, at times ancestral galaxy that is our stormy life.

A listening experience capable of dragging us into a sensual trance, full of charm and suggestion. An exquisite sonic trip, as palpable as dreamy, unique like few others.

Listen now to "SWM," the latest Single by SWIMMERS, available in streaming on Spotify.

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