SwiF is just SwiF: dangerous, spiritual, and peaceful – so the hip-hop artist born on the West and raised in the South defines himself.

About him, people say “he’s an old soul that has been here before!” Despite living a dark and troubled existence, SwiF has always kept a positive outlook on life itself, even if he has experienced some events that took their toll on him.

The latest from SwiF CrooK is the uplifting anthem ‘Move the Church’, thanks to which this up-and-coming artist is moving a new step in the Christian hip-hop music scene, building his future one brick at a time. Moved by vivid rhymes and a bouncing flow, the track sounds deeply rooted in the most contemporary hip-hop, strengthened in the background by a full-bodied beat.

SwiF CrooK // Move the Church - single cover

This is just the last act from this rapper and producer, that with his music aims to express his tribulations, his successes, and the failures of his own world.

So, listen now to ‘Move the Church’, the latest single from SwiF CrooK, and find out more about him and his music by checking the links below: