Sweet Tooth is an American rock band formed in 2017 in San Diego, California, consisting of Trevor Barber (bass, synths, keys, vocals), Jacob Schrimpf (lead vocals, guitar), and Kevin Bingham (drums, vocals).

The trio of close friends came together during high school in what they called The Dojo, the bedroom of bassist and singer Trevor, transformed into the sanctuary where Barber, Schrimpf, and Bingham would decide to lay the foundations of achieving goals of high stature, swearing to themselves to never become journeymen musicians.

They already have a handful of releases to their credit, published between 2017 and 2020, which have already attracted the attention of a growing number of fans and listeners. These include the singles ‘Finger’, ‘Light Years’, and ‘A Brief Note on Man and Animals’, preceded by the 2017 EP ‘Chum’ and followed by ‘Caviar’, second EP released in 2018, followed by the most recent single ‘Wind Me Up’, and by the brand-new single ‘Sweet Sick Love’.

In 2018 they trod the boards of the San Diego independent music scene, performing in various shows at The Casbah, The Belly-Up, The Holding Company, Quartyard, Soda Bar, and at Winston’s, fueling their upward run with the victory of the Kaaboo Discovery Tour, which allowed them to perform at the Kaaboo Del Mar music festival, alongside the likes of Robert Plant, Foo Fighters, Post Malone, and Katy Perry.

Moving forward from the “poppy” sound of their first releases and going through an intermediate evolution that led them to land towards a more gritty surf rock, today with ‘Sweet Sick Love’ Sweet Tooth give us a single magically imbued with that aura of live arena performance that we have craved so much in these last months of lockdown.

‘Sweet Sick Love’ is probably the most evolved version of their artistic brand, and although it is strictly close to the more classic pop-rock tune, it’s the way in which this band plays it all that makes this release a song where we find all the sensitivity that Sweet Tooth have been able to cultivate until today.

Apparently a song with a self-explanatory title, distinguished by a sound that in an organic and engaging way conveys all the bittersweet feeling that so often accompanies love stories, in reality ‘Sweet Sick Love’ contains a deep and meaningful metaphor for freedom and unity. As Sweet Tooth explain: “[this song] it’s about being able to see the freedom and have it always at an arms distance, unable to grasp. It’s about being a symbol when you don’t want to be. You don’t want to be a figurine, you want to be human, and leave as an equal to those you see every day. To love and to not have to worry about the things that are promised to us, but somehow always taken away.”

A summer tune, capable of evoking suggestive inspirations, thanks to which we can already imagine ourselves under the stage where Sweet Tooth play, swinging and singing along, while the notes of their ‘Sweet Sick Love’ amiably fill the ether of these hot summer nights.

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