Rock is alive and kicking! with LA-based band, Swami Lushbeard and their new single “The Lights Complain.” A song that has the flavor of rebirth and transformation.

The lights are ready to shine again. While live music all over the world was on a forced break, we can imagine how many rock bands were pacing up and down, impatient to start playing again.

“The Lights Complain” is a release that is perfectly tied up to “#Enemy,” the previous work conceived by Swami Lushbeard, that we talked about in another article (that you can find here: Swami Lushbeard // #Enemy).

With this track, the band lays out a scenario that can be considered anticipation, or maybe even a description, of how is Rock music in this very particular year.

Sprout out from Classic Rock roots, the song is dressed up in a shade of progressive, then enlightened by a vast neoclassic breath. “The Lights Complain,” out on April 9, has the flavor of temporariness, of something that is still developing and changing; born from the same temporariness that the band is going through, fueling its creativity with new inspiration and a new line up.

A piece that clearly demonstrates what music lovers should already know: even if many people would like to see it disappear forever, rock is not dead. It is alive and it is always changing and transforming, innovating itself like the world and the society that we live in.  

The rock in 2021 has the taste of many lost occasions; a taste that is rapidly changing into the one of rebirth and transformation. And maybe, very soon the lights will not complain anymore.

Listen now to "The Lights Complain," the latest Single by Swami Lushbeard, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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Swami Lushbeard // The Lights Complain - single cover artwork
Swami Lushbeard // The Lights Complain - single cover artwork

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