Adding even more stimulating questions about the meaning of our existence to our daily life, with ‘#Enemy’ the LA-based band brings a vibrant recipe to the table, incorporating a bold reminder, which unites us in finding a common “#enemy”, whether it’s the icy political division between factions or a silent assassin like an epidemic virus. And be prepared to question not only on which side of the fence you’re standing, but also why you’re there, and what you’re really doing.

Thanks to the incredible support received by the band during their Kickstarter campaign last year, Swami Lushbeard said they put the maximum effort into every single moment they’ve spent in the studio, to make sure they were releasing their best music to date. And the result certainly does live up to the expectations.

Swami Lushbeard // #Enemy - single cover

With a fiery combination of wild instrumentation and a unison of overwhelming harmonies, the lead-single ‘#Enemy’ definitively highlights Swami Lushbeard, further boosting their full-bodied and structured sound. Pulsating, proud and blazing, the two brothers M@ Sachs (keyboards) and Ian Michaels (drums) along with founding member and chief songwriter Don Sprouls (vocals and guitar), with the addition of Greg Safel (harmony vocals) and Darren Scholtz (bass), effortlessly rise above the herd.

They leave behind the mud of apathy in which an avalanche of anonymous music drowns, and they are definitely headed towards the top of the charts in 2020. It is difficult to imagine that, charged as they are, they will not break the roof with their next EP, expected for this year.

Listen now to ‘#Enemy’, the latest release from Swami Lushbeard, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms.

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Swami Lushbeard // The Lights Complain - single cover artwork

Swami Lushbeard // The Lights Complain

Rock is alive and kicking! with LA-based band, Swami Lushbeard and their new single “The Lights Complain.” A song that has the flavor of rebirth and transformation.