A fresh and young two-piece band, formed in 2019 by the artists Robert Dobbs and Yoga Shyp

SVI brings to the table an explosive and captivating blend of futuristic elements, combining them with Pop and Latin roots

Debuting in recent months with their first works, SVI bring to the table a collection of four singles, sung in English and Spanish.

Among these, one of the most recent stands out: the exciting ‘Levitation’, an uplifting electro-pop number, for which SVI released the official video on 23 July.

Bright and enthralling, the ‘Levitation’ video comes as an illuminating surprise, taking the song’s astonishing power to an even higher level.

Here, it’s plain as day how Dobbs and Shyp have clear ideas about where and how to push their creativity and their music, bringing to fans (old and new alike), a work packed with great care, perfectly tailored to their artistic silhouette.

Warmth, involvement, passion and musicality. Listening to and watching ‘Levitation’, it is evident how they know what they are doing. And they are doing it well.

After their ‘Levitation’, we are already set to be flooded and amazed even more, over and over again, by the charge of sensual energy that they are able to release and convey through their music.

Among the most promising discoveries we have made in recent months, they definitely have what it takes to stand out in the crowd. They just have to keep going.

Watch now the official video for ‘Levitation’, the latest single from SVI, available on the SVI YouTube channel.

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