Baring her rawness and delicacy for all to experience, Svea sings with an airy voice, between delicate whispers and passionate, suspenseful phrasings

The name Svea is of Swedish origin and was her great grandmother’s name. Lyon is Svea’s favorite city, in France, and since she is a Leo, the last name also embodies her confidence on and off the stage.

A young and gifted singer-songwriter with a knack for writing clever rhymes and catchy melodies, Svea recently released her new work titled ‘Fun and Games’, a song about how lying to yourself can backfire, to the point of making you suffer.

“I wrote this song about someone who I used to know.” Svea says about the backdrop of her song. “My friends warned me about him, but I went into the fire anyway. I guess I liked to feel like I was taking a risk with him. In the end, however, things become more complicated when you develop feelings for the person.”  

The vulnerability and the penetration of her vocal performance form a perfect combination with the acoustic aesthetics, while a swinging acoustic guitar is gracefully placed in the background, binding together the lively and poignant sense of the theme of ‘Fun and Games’.

The clean and unfiltered honesty with which Svea bares her musical delivery is a delicate veiling that enhances the poetics evoked by her personal yet relatable lyrics.

An affable lullaby, dreamy and finely rarefied, in which to get lost and find yourself again, at every listening.

Svea Lyon

Watch now the official video for ‘Fun and Games’, the latest single from Svea Lyons, and find out more about Svea and her music, by checking the links below: