A symphonic rock topical song against
corrupt politicians all over the world

Sandeep Kulkarni
Suraaj Parab - press photo

Sandeep Kulkarni is a singer, songwriter, voice-over artist and former RJ, who too grew up in Mumbai, before moving to Southern California. His experiences include singing for the metal band Mayhem and other groups, both in India and the US, and about 800 active shows of various genres and in different languages. He is currently the lead singer of the band “Rusty Rickshaw”.

Let's get to know more closely the artists who gave birth to this piece, expanding and enriching its breath and vision

Suraaj Parab is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning composer, pianist and bassist from Mumbai, India, who writes new age music. He trained as a bass player and learned jazz and western music under the guidance of legendary Indian bass player Karl Peters.

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“Parasite” is already available on all the major digital store.
Listen to it on your preferred player from Linkfi [ here ].

The story of “Parasite” started a long time ago, when Sandeep had written some lyrics on the topic of corruption in politics. This embryonic work developed when Sandeep showed the lyrics to Suraaj.

“I instantly loved them and said I would do my first vocal original with this song!” says Suraaj, who then took care of composition, arrangement, and production. Amit Mhatre (India) added the drums, recording the rhythmic parts, while Oliver Wagner (Taiwan) took care of the mix and mastering.

Suraaj Parab and Sandeep Kulkarni // "Parasite"- single artwork
Suraaj Parab and Sandeep Kulkarni // "Parasite"- single artwork

“Parasite” is therefore the result of the collaboration of people from different countries. An unison made up of different identities that, while each maintaining their individual connotations, created the perfect medium to convey and enhance the message of the piece.

The song has a wide development. From the initial reflective introspection, perfect introduction to its musical theme, an explosive segment takes place where the choral vision of said subject develops in a sort of dualism. A theme that cannot be understood as an individual problem, but rather a matter that, due to its interference, has had an impact on society on a global scale. And such an important message could only be conveyed by a powerful voice, colored by formidable baritone nuances and distinctive hoarse scratches, such as that of Sandeep.

“Parasite” is accompanied by a video available on Youtube [ here ], that within the first 4 days of its publication exceeded 100,000 views.

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