That proposed by the Manchester singer doctor is an outstretched hand that caresses, supports, and pushes, full of gratitude, strength, and determination.

The rhythmic, stoic pace, typical of those who walk on without hesitation, is underlined by the determined accent of ‘Nightingale’, a song that doesn’t need excessive exaggeration to vibrate with the passion of those who are monolithic pillars, fathers and at the same time mothers for the entire society.

Recorded entirely in isolation during the COVID-19 crisis, ‘Nightingale’ highlights all the weight of those daily sacrifices made by nurses and doctors who practice their profession in the front lines of the army defending our health.

Working alongside them, Sukh was inspired by their stories, marked by renunciations, risks, reduced contacts, distancing, and separation from loved ones, to ensure their own safety and that of the rest of us.

“This song is very much a tribute to the nurses and the colleagues that put themselves in harm’s way every day during the COVID-19 crisis.”

So Sukh speaks about the backdrop of ‘Nightingale’, the he continues: “It’s dedicated to all those I’ve worked with on the wards and beyond who go out of their way to do their best and help their patients. I hope by shining a light on it, on what they personally can go through, maybe we can start valuing them more in society in real terms.”

Evolving and raising to an even higher level, with ‘Nightingale’ Sukh certainly draws inspiration from his musical background, drawing from dark pop and rock influences, but here the compositional work that he manages to give us lights up thanks to a characteristic cinematic sound that captures you from the first listening.

Vividly chiseled between suggestive melodies and heart-pounding lyrics, the sobriety of a subdued piano grows on the thrust of an arrangement that comes to explode in a solemn and vibrant prismatic rose of nuances.

While Sukh’s vocals, exposed in the front, guide a masterful musical delivery, cadenced with power by crushing drums, lush strings and evocative guitars waves crown the whole soundscape, framing the impeccable beauty of this piece.

The first single from Sukh’s upcoming EP, ‘Falling Asleep with the TV on’, is a track full of pathos and vibrant emotions.

Needless to say, we can’t wait to hear the whole EP, as this is an unmissable addition for each playlist, including NOVA ERA, our playlist featuring on a weekly rotation all the artists covered by our blog.

Produced by John ‘The Drum Tamer’ Simm, ‘Nightingale’ is out on 3rd July, 2020, and it’s accompanied by a music video available on the Sukh’s YouTube channel.

Listen now to ‘Nightingale’, the latest single from Sukh, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. You can find your preferred one via

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