Stubborn Love is an American Army veteran and a talented and promising producer from Boston, MA. He only started taking music seriously 6 months ago and recently released his second remix of Shadowkey’s song Kiss Me“, a house number that sees the participation of the singer Jellow and has an engaging rhythm, full of energy and catchy hooks.

This remix of “Kiss Me” is an exquisitely enthralling song that shows off all of Stubborn Love‘s passion for EDM, giving us a track with a positive and uplifting feeling. These elements are the perfect reflection of Stubborn Love’s artistic vision, focused on creating music that has a positive impact on life and is able to make you smile and feel happy.

Stubborn Love developed his musical message while he was serving in the Army. To cope with all the stressors that arise from the military lifestyle, he began to cultivate his love of music, dedicating his free time to creating songs.

Strengthened by such a genuine creative thrust, with “Kiss Me” remix he gives us a song that is not just a piece tailor made to fill the dancefloor, but also  offers a genuine and sparkling listening experience, with style details that refer to progressive, future, and tropical house. It’s a fresh explosion of positivity, with a formidable dynamic sound and a sound spectrum that evolves on the push of an unstoppable rhythm.

Knowing there is no need to reinvent the wheel, Stubborn Love thus is beginning to take his first steps towards building his recording career. He knows what he’s doing and he’s doing it well.

It’s a promising start, and full of that positivity that characterizes his musical delivery. We are sure that you’ll find yourself singing the tune of “Kiss Me” remix for days and days, even after listening to it only once.

Permeated by this contagious positivity, the future of Stubborn Love promises to be prolific and certainly full of growth. We surely look forward to hearing about his next works.

Listen now to the remix of “Shadowkey’s Kiss Me, ft. Jellow” by Stubborn Love, available on Soundcloud [ here ].

To learn more about Stubborn Love and get in touch with him, follow him on Instagram [ here ].