Strange Eyes is an American artist who lives and produces synth-pop music in London, inspired by artists such as Bat For Lashes, Goldfrapp, Kate Bush and PJ Harvey.

The new work of this eclectic and iconic artist is the single ‘Close’, a song with which Strange Eyes brings us the crudeness of a theme that is dark and disturbing, as well as touching, and sadly contemporary, told in the form of a moving and twisted story of domestic abuse, in which a relationship has gone terribly wrong.

‘Close’ is accompanied by a music video that flawlessly matches the atmosphere and theme of the release. Filmed by Joe Watkins and inspired by Dario Argento’s movies, the cinematic cut and the storytelling are palpable, with a narrative dynamic that is as compelling and permeating as the song. As too often happens in situations of abuse and domestic violence, the person who initially seems to be the victim, turns out to be something else: the architect of one of the most sinister and cowardly acts ever.

We have to warn you, there is no happy ending here. The final cut of the scene, although suspended, does not allow much space to imagine anything good. On the other hand, it could not be otherwise, given the lyrics Strange Eyes weaves in her song.

Sincere and clean, the musical delivery of ‘Close’ is an impeccable work, moved by a groovy tempo set on medium and low synths that give a formidable grip to the whole track, while the rich timbre of Strange Eyes hovers on the highs with incredible control, giving air and further breadth to the sound spectrum.

And so, while Strange Eyes dazzles us with the candid beauty of that round and caressing sense of love one would expect in any love relationship, the inexorable rhythm of ‘Close’ pulsates and beats blow for blow, capitulating away towards the worst of epilogues that can be imagined.

Clearly, Strange Eyes is an artist who is not afraid of facing uncomfortable issues. But it is precisely from the combination of the communicative power of her lyrics, a round timbre and a compelling musical support, that she gives life to a production of impeccable workmanship, capable of completely absorbing us, magnetizing all our attention.

Among the most interesting synth-pop discoveries we’ve made in a long time now.

Listen now to ‘Close’, the latest single from Strange Eyes, and find out more about her music, checking the links below:

Strange Eyes // Close - single cover