Memphis 4-piece rock band StoneRowe bites and scratches with “Cage,” their unchaining anthem to quarantine.

StoneRowe is a gripping act composed by Mississippi silvered lead vocalist Billy Comfort, Detroit shredding guitar hero JP Crowley, West Virginia thundering drummer Johnny Lamb, and Memphis shattering bassist Greg Edmondson.

Their music evolves from a mix of metal, pop and prog influences and is grounded in guitar driven rock melodies and song lyrics which function as a sonic eddy that is positively deviant.

The forge where the band found its first flare dates back to the 2017 Memphis music scene, when Comfort, Crowley and Lamb gathered around their shared enthusiasm for glam metal.

Following a year of live performances together, their attention turned to songwriting with an intent to record an EP. Recognizing the need for a permanent bass player, the band’s search led them to Edmondson, the former bassist for Breaking Point. Following several jam and studio sessions, he joined the band in April 2020.

2019 marked StoneRowe’s first full year as a band, highlighted with the release of their debut single “Higher.” The hard-driving rock song, inspired by “the chase of the dream,” was an iTunes Top 40 rock hit in four countries (Belgium, Brazil, Italy, and Thailand) and generated extensive radio play throughout Latin America and Europe.

In the wake of their creative vision, focused on injecting a wild and fun debauchery into mainstream rock and roll, StoneRowe recently returned to bite and scratch with its sound, releasing the unchaining anthem to quarantine “Cage.”

StoneRowe shares the backdrop of “Cage” – “At the end of last year, we welcomed our new bass player (Greg Edmondson – formerly of Breaking Point: One of a Kind, WWE, and more) and the bass line to this tune was the first thing he played when he first stepped into rehearsals. We were sold on it from the very beginning and had every intention of taking it into the studio. Then, the pandemic hit. Our go-to studio was shut down and in lieu of that and our early experiences with the lockdown, we re-wrote the lyrics and recorded the tune at home, as our anthem to quarantine. We sent it over to Chris Collier at CMC21 Productions for mixing and he took our home studio tracks and turned them into a raw, raging tune.”

Love, loss, lockdown, obsession, rage, and isolation, with their work StoneRowe capture and mix the mainstream of 2020 in a cyclonic whirlpool.

A whirlwind maelstrom which you will never want to leave once it sucks you in.

The release of StoneRowe’s single “Cage” is accompanied by an official lyric video. Check it out on the StoneRowe YouTube channel.

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