Native of Yonkers, raised in New York, emerging artist S.till C.arry O.nSCO for short – has been rapping for over 15 years.

Standing out from most of the artists, popular or not, SCO is continuing to develop his style in a unique way, writing conscious music with the aim of making listeners deeply reflect on life.

As SCO explains: “I make music that glorifies God and elevates my higher self in a positive light. I focus on the most relevant aspects, which fascinate the eye, of my real life experiences. After my grandfather’s death in 2003, I discovered my God-given talent, and I started using it to write inspiring music, to lift and encourage everyone who suffers through daily struggles.”

After over 7 albums and several collaborations with many artists, last November SCO released “Problems“, a single featuring Dre Goodz that anticipates his upcoming album “Love Is Stronger Than Blood“, to be released in the summer of 2020.

Just one month after its release “Problems” has already met with some success, surpassing the 1,500 views on YouTube, which together with the positive feedback from SCO fans can only reinforce the importance of the message contained in this release.

S.till C.arry O.n (SCO)
S.till C.arry O.n (SCO)

Listen now to “Problems“, the latest single from S.till C.arry O.n (SCO), available on his YouTube channel [ here ].

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