From the emotionally tinged vocals and the soaring falsetto of Stevie wolf comes ‘Confetti’, a personal confessional about the emptiness felt after a heartbreak.

Indie-pop savant Stevie wolf has a way of crafting earnest and intricate songs that make you feel like you’re not so alone. Unfolding themes of bravery and vulnerability to love and anxiety, Stevie delivers a roller coaster of emotions in his upcoming, seven-track EP ‘Chapped lips’.

Exquisitely embellished by his prominent ability to make his music resonate on every human level, stands out the opening track ‘Confetti’, as a catchy, no-hold-backs, and irrepressible start to the entire EP. Imbued in a candid mix of excitement and authenticity Stevie’s nuances binds and intertwine with sexy guitar and drum sounds sampled from a New York crosswalk, making shine Stevie personal confessional about the emptiness felt after a heartbreak. “Oh I’ve been thinking about you, oh I’ve been thinking, drowning in memories of you,” he croons. From feelings of hopelessness, sadness, to indifference, here Stevie seems to be genuinely capable to capture those sensations and effortlessly string them into ‘Confetti’. 

On the EP Stevie shares, “these songs have been my best friends for the past two years. Each one I wrote at a point in time where I was torn open, and needing to throw all my feelings into a song. Like, even though all these songs are about different things and have different vibes, each one was born at a moment where I was in emotional crisis and trying to work through it. I don’t think we often take the time to realize just how difficult it is to be alive right now – these are hard days. I’ve never been more exposed and defenseless. I was ripped open and raw. Hence the name Chapped lips. But there’s so much beauty in being vulnerable, in working through your pain and exorcising your demons in an artistic release. That’s what I’m hoping the EP does for people; reaches into them and pulls out their pain, brings it into the light so it can be healed.”

Listen now to ‘Confetti’, Stevie wolf’s single from EP ‘Chapped lips’, and find out more about his music, checking the links below:

Stevie wolf // Confetti - single cover
Stevie wolf // Confetti - single cover