Both classical and modern dancers, Finn Fransen and Julien R. Schittenhelm form Stereosight, a duo producing alternative symphonic rock music

Julien R Schittenhelm is French and has always been oriented towards rock music. From a young age he was influenced by bands like Pink Floyd, Pixies, Depêche Mode, Placebo and other rock and pop rock bands of the 80s and 90s. Julien brings a personal vision of alternative rock, expressed through his voice, in Stereosight, being their lead singer.

Hailing from Belgium, Finn Fransen is also a young filmmaker, having directed, produced, and partially scored his first film at the age of 16. In love with the world of cinema and the role of soundtracks, Finn brings this cinematic flavor to Stereosight.

Recently Stereosight have released “Dream Chasers“, a single that shows all these two young artists’ creativity and focus on storytelling through lyrics. As they explain: “we wrote this song because both of us are artist who had to leave our country home in order to pursue our dreams. We thought many people with any kind of aspirations would be able to relate to it”.

It is this vision that, together with Finn’s and Julien’s artistic background, makes “Dream Chasers” a spectacularly uplifting musical delivery.

Stereosight // "Dream Chasers" - single cover
Stereosight // “Dream Chasers” – single cover

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