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With sophisticated ramifications and candid efflorescence, the new work penned by Stemin represents the new frontier of his colorful rendering, underlining the richness of his creative vision.

And as in perfect communion, the special touch brought by Chiara Stroia brings the palette of Falling to be enriched with a series of nuances, which amiably corroborate the dreamy galaxy of this song.

MINIMALISM WEALTH – A new coin could be redefined by listening to Falling, the brand-new single signed by Stemin x Chiara Stroia. The refrain that circulates in the world of music production – less is more – here is almost brought to its maximum idea.

However, the nudity of the elements included in the arrangement is the keystone that allows you to savor the truthfulness and silky thickness of a simply magical delivery.

Duet in their Falling as perfect music lovers, Stemin and Chiara Stroia create a sonic enchantment of sophisticated musicianship. Giving life to a performative unicum chiseled with shrewd wisdom, the two artists extrovert with graceful elegance an almost soporific idea, which, thanks to its subdued appearance, leaves all the space for the precious elements of the song to breathe deeply.

A real listening experience that does not fail to have its climax, vibrant like few others, Falling is a real enveloping journey. Coming with insightful intention, the incessant and at times pulsive beat comes and goes with delicate and insightful sense, while the synths seal the dreamlike atmosphere in which Stemin and Chiara Stroia make us capitulate.

And to convince even the driest hearts, there is the unique vocal touch, layered between roundness and resonance, which the two talented artists break down where and how it is needed, to allow their sum to function as an impeccable dual unison, which is never a mere overlap nor a sterile arithmetic sum.

Falling is taken from Stemin‘s new album, Unspoken Dreams, which will be released in 2022. With a strong pop and neo-soul influence, both in the song-writing and production style, the self-written album was co-produced with Benjamin Ventura, and Filippo Bubbico. It features collaborations with musicians including Jacopo Volpe, Adriano Matcovich, Paolo Zou and Chiara Stroia.

Fallin will be released on December 3rd. To know more about Stemin, Chiara Stroia and their music, find and follow Stemin and Chiara Stroia all over the web by checking the links below: