‘Here, Nowhere’ is the new 10-track album with which the Italian guitarist and composer Stefano Tucci ranges between electronic, chill house and dream pop

Compared to previous productions signed by Tucci, more closely related to instrumental compositions, ‘Here, Nowhere’ is the first of his albums that is a collection of songs almost entirely sung.

Created in Paris by an Italian, with the collaboration and voice of the American singer Kristiana, the lyrics of ‘Here, Nowhere’ revolve around the doubts and disappointing situations we encounter in life, often due to people and toxic relationships.

In addition to original songs, in ‘Here, Nowhere’ we also find a remix of the ambient track ‘I Feel Disconnected From the World’, which represents one of Tucci’s most viral hits on YouTube.

With ‘Here, Nowhere’ the Italian guitarist and composer brings us a glimpse of his creativity, deeply infused with a mix of electronics and real instruments, in which Tucci’s personal touch with his guitar emerges not only in his solos, but also in the background riffs.

Here, the rhythm guitar patterns intelligently disguise themselves in different guises, sometimes played by atmospheric synths, which give the right taste to the general aesthetics of the release.

Listen now to ‘Here, Nowhere’, the album by Stefano Tucci, 

Stefano Tucci // Here, Nowhere - album cover
Stefano Tucci // Here, Nowhere - album cover