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Their latest work is 'The Prison Cell', the third of the three EPs that together form their next full album, 'No Dimensions'. All EPs follow one another in terms of history.

Finding inspiration in various genres and musical influences such as art-rock, progressive rock, electro, alternative, and drum & bass, the music they create is an emotionally dense concentrate that exudes a vibrant expressiveness that is pure, honest and sometimes rough and edgy.

With the three tracks of ‘The Prison Cell’ Steelyard bring us a release set in a rock root from which a series of elaborate drifts sprout. Immersed in an electro aesthetic, painted by an alternative vein, there are a series of progressive elements that continuously move and entice the listener’s ear to move with incredible effectiveness towards focal centers that change as the musical argument progresses.

From passionate acts of candid pop-rock, to heavy guitars of the hardest rock, to extroverted psychedelic hyperbolas, between reverbs and delays that, like waves, come and go on the mix with careful purpose, Steelyard’s EP sounds like a triple album for the vastness of the arguments and the richness of the elements it gives.

This EP surprised us, it’s the kind you’ll want to listen to again and again, leisurely, to understand every single detail and development, to grasp something new every time.

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