With a burst of radiant, effervescent, and carefree brightness, Stealing Signs brings in their sunny sardonic metaphor a darker message of a polarized society, giving us a catchy amount of pop radiant melodies and with a memorable chorus.

Penned in Paris, where the band performs regularly and created most of the songs of the next album ‘Somewhere Between’, ‘The Coast’ “is about that situation we all find ourselves in from time-to-time – fundamentally disagreeing with someone who you have to spend time with, be it a family member, a friend of a friend, a co-worker.” So Nick Acton, Stealing Sign’ singer, introduces us to the theme of the song, then continues: “It muses on the things that you’d really like to say to that person, knowing that you can’t and never will.”

Driven by a playful and contagious atmosphere, the video enhances all the solar and radiant vein offered by the song. This is a creative combination that gives life to a pop-art summer hymn like few others, in spite of the sadness of the current global lockdown, that forces all of us to remain isolated.

An unmissable release, with a bittersweet aftertaste, that will keep you glued to the repeat for hours. 

Watch now the official music video of ‘The Coast’, available on the Stealing Signs’ Youtube channel, and be sure to follow the band on its social networks, checking the links below:

Stealing Signs // The Coast - single cover
Stealing Signs // The Coast - single cover